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REDUCING Your Overall Costs

At DHL MACHINE INTERNATIONAL in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, we assemble the components we manufacture, from installing bearings to complete turnkey assemblies of complex machinery. We'll bring gearboxes back to specifications, assembled, shipped, and ready for service. When not readily available, worn or broken parts are reverse-engineered and manufactured to original specifications. All questionable components are inspected on one of our CMM's. If you are interested in reducing your overall cost, ask us about assembling your components.

Skilled Quality Control That Works

The most important aspect of our job is quality control. Our QC manual is a living and breathing entity, travelling with every job from beginning to completion. We employ full-time managers and inspectors on every shift. They have a full array of inspection equipment at their disposal, including a Starrett CMM and an IMS CMM. Our software allows all areas of our company to utilize all given information with maximum efficiency. Along with being ISO-compliant, we conform to MIL Specs 120, 410, and 45208A.

Production Saw Cutting

  • Behringer HBP-360/704G/A 3000-NC Automatic Miter-Cutting Bandsaw

    Automatic CNC Miter-cutting from +45 degrees to –60 degrees with 118” upfeed.
    Accurate to +/- 0 Degrees, 10 minutes and within +/- .005” in length
    Capacity at: 90 degrees: 14” square or 14” x 23” rectangle
                          60 degrees: 12” square or 13” x 15” rectangle
                          45 degrees: 11” square or 11” x 14” rectangle

  • Behringer HBP 360 A Automatic Band Saw
    High performance automatic saw, 14” capacity, 90 degree cuts 24” upfeed repetitive up to 13’ 9”
  • Marvel Series 8 Mar I Vertical tilting head Cutoff Saw

Inspection Department

  • Conforms to Mil spec 120, 410, and 45208A
  • Full Time Quality Control Manager
  • Starrett CMM with Renishaw Touch Probe
    Travels: 120” X, 28” Y, 18” Z
  • IMS CMM with Programmable Reishaw Touch Probe
    Travels: 118” X, 63” Y, 39” Z
  • Various micrometer, pin, bore, and thread gages

Software Packages

  • Virtual Gibbs Solid Surface 4.2 for 2-1/2 and 3 Axis Programming
  • Virtual DMIS package for programming of IMS CMM
  • AutoCAD 2005
  • Vista Shop Floor and Order Status management system
  • Windows NT network and DNC system for file sharing and program downloads
CNC Saws